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One of the best reasons to get a flameless fireplace is for safety. This is the only issue that you may find with a recessed wall-mounted fireplace. Now that you have read all of the options available, you might already be considering a couple of options. Most furniture brands currently carry some type of. However, they plug into a standard outlet just like you would a television set. Most manufacturers will state in the description whether the fireplace comes with these items or if they are sold separately. You can tell the difference in each brand right away, and you also get a firm price on what it would cost to ship and install the fireplace. They provide a simple, safe, and aesthetically pleasing heating design that lights up any room. You can then use the remote control or settings menu to turn on the flames, heat, or select different colors for the flames. You can change the flames to all different colors to set the mood, or you can alter the size of the flames as well. These fireplace are fun to have in the home, but they also serve as a great design piece. You can choose between 750W and 1500W. Electric fireplaces were developed to be a safer, modern option for heating the home in comparison to traditional fireplaces, which were not easily installed with different configurations. Although it only takes about 5 minutes to completely warm up the room, which is pretty fast. Homedex is slowly gaining recognition as they are providing a lot of customizable products. What would our Life be without beautiful lights? The unique curved designs make the flames look much more realistic and distinctive. You can turn the flames on and off or change heat settings quickly. In addition, since the fireplace is electric, you should avoid water getting into the appliance as it could cause a fire or other issues. We will recommend you to read the entire article before purchasing so that you do not miss out on any important information. Heating options really only matter when you have a large area that you want to heat. This only takes a few seconds to get warm. You should read through the warranty before purchase to make sure that it provides repair, replacement, or refund in case something happens. These are rather expensive, typically costing over $800 for one unit. These can be moved but are not as portable as a truly mobile fireplace unit. In addition, you may have a separate warranty if you purchase the fireplace as a furniture insert. You can also post any questions down there if you have any! You will notice that some manufacturers advise installing a wall-mounted fireplace far below the TV to avoid interference and safety concerns. You should read customer reviews before purchasing any fireplace unit. You should take a look at their highly-rated electric fireplace. The 8 Best Electric Fireplaces Of 2019 Bold Flame 47 Inch Electric Fireplace In Walnut Walmart Com Electric Wall Hanging Fireplace Wildeclothing Co Lockport Pearl Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace In 2019 Here is a compact option from Puraflame. You will get a touch screen panel on the front to adjust the various different features of this fireplace. Although, make sure you have a helping hand for assembling the whole unit as it is pretty heavy. The 1st switch enables the flame visuals only without heating, whereas the 2nd switch enables 750 watts low heating. You can choose the easy option and go with an electric flame insert. You simple plug it in and feel the heat. IT offers the same simplicity as a standalone, portable fireplace and log burning flame effects. PuraFlame makes all kinds of electric options for fireplaces. Most of the time, you’ll find that the installation gear and guide are included with the fireplace. The flameless fireplace is a genius invention because it can go anywhere and light up a space without causing extreme safety concerns. VonHaus is a great rival to Duraflame fireplaces. This is because real fireplaces often take time to build a flame whereas electric versions just start to heat up as soon as its turned on. You can simply place inside of a defunct fireplace to achieve the look of a real flame. For those who want a traditional fireplace, you can purchase a design that fits into a traditional fireplace and looks exactly like the real thing. In addition, Ivation includes everything you need to mount the fireplace, including bracket and high-quality mounting hardware.  You can install below the mantle or TV with just a few simple steps. This is a new feature that hasn’t been included with most of the models previously built to 2017. The flames are a high resolution effect, but you only have heat control settings. Classic Flame Felicity Electric Fireplace Design. Next up, we have another compact option from PuraFlame. Testing electric fireplaces means looking at how the fireplace was built and whether it’s a good fit for your home. It was not until 1958 that a representation of the electric flame fireplace was used in a commercial to promote the “home of tomorrow.” They were still not very practical for most homeowners at this time. Most of the brands today recognize the need to change the flame settings and provide those accommodations in a settings menu. The installation procedure is as easy as it is an in-wall embedded setup. You can replace a traditional fireplace with an electric fireplace and avoid all of the troubles that come with it. However, the higher realism that you look for, the more you are going to pay. For added safety, it has thermal cutoff and child lock capabilities. Read our full Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton Electric Fireplace review It’s also much stronger than other wall-mounted fireplaces, putting out 5000 BTUs. It has a year of the warranty period from DONYER POWER. You can simply hang them on a load-bearing wall to enhance the look of the room. Get free shipping on qualified 30 - 36 Electric Fireplaces or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Heating, Venting & Cooling Department. It has a dedicated crackling sound feature that can be observed in real fireplaces. Overall, Frigidaire makes a great electric fireplace that is highly reviewed on some outlets, but it’s difficult to find availability at an affordable price. Top 10 Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews 2019. They are rectangular, flat, and typically look like a modern fireplace, with wood or crystals inside. That fascination can turn into a dangerous situation around young children and pets. You can also use the flame visuals without heat all year long for a fancy look. Essentially, they work just like a space heater, but they typically have better designs so it looks more than a metal grate on the floor. You can place it in the home, garage, or workplace. It also has a supplemental heat source, but it cannot be used as the primary heating source. Or, you can have the whole fireplace recessed into a wall. You should look out for any fireplace that does not have at least a 4-star rating or any reviews that talk about electrical malfunctions. Fireplaces should be totally customizable, especially if you are paying over $100. However, if you want a realistic looking fireplace that you can mount on your wall with different settings, you are likely paying over $250. It can provide warmth up to 400 square feet. You also need to check local codes to make sure that you can alter your walls. Price is probably the most important factor, but if you are comparing prices between electric and traditional, then you will be surprised by the extremely low cost of the latest flameless fireplaces. This is when Dimplex came in with its patent. Decor Flames Electric Fireplace review 2020, 5000 BTU output that can heat up to 500 square feet, Long, rectangular design with a width over 40”, Framed in black or white depending on decor, Glass panel that allows you to see the flames and log or crystal insert, Not required but great to have: remote control for settings and heat, Not required but great to have: touch screen LED panel to control settings, Recessed look still protrudes slightly for ventilation, Wall-mounted options can be expensive depending on size, May protrude with certain manufacturers, best to check the description first, May be smaller than your fireplace so check the sizing before purchase, Some cheaper editions have caught fire in the past, check brands before purchase, While there are so many types of new fireplaces, there is no need to renovate an existing fireplace for real wood-burning or gas heat. This is in part due to the lower cost as more brands have entered the market, as well as the globalization of the product in areas like the UK, Japan, and Australia. In addition, the new fireplaces are much greener and more sustainable than a wood-burning or gas fireplace. However, most people look for fireplaces that can be seamless with the wall. An electric flame was invented to light up the stage and save theatre productions from costly and deadly fires that had plagued the stage for years. These range from 34” to 120” and come with other features such as remote control operation, different grains or granite, media options, and LED lighting. Basically, you get a realistic heater element with lifelike flames for much less. For example, you can choose 740-Watts on a low setting or go up to 1100-watts for the higher setting. The traditional style oak electric fireplace is easy to install and sits flush against a wall. Also, there is an auto heat kill feature that adds up to the safety factor, which is necessary for an electric fireplace. Generally, it should cover more than 300 square feet area for better results. With its sleek and modern design, and featuring a large flame and log insert, the 50-inches Touchstone 80004 Sideline Electric Fireplace will stand out as a beautiful centerpiece in your home, and it will be the envy of all your friends.. So when you are going to buy any of them set your preference first. A real fireplace may produce smoke, embers, and soot. There is also a buying guide to help you along with the process. It has a 1 year warranty period that is necessary with an electric fireplace. While some brands are going to be more expensive, they are known for their high quality construction. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate an electric fireplace as a standalone piece or as a permanent style fixture in your living room. It has a built-in thermostat that can adjust the heating options between 750 and 1500 watts. Thanks so much for a great article. Shipping and delivery costs are also included with Touchstone purchases from the website, as well as all of the gear that you need you to mount the fireplace on your wall. To help you with that, we are presenting this buying guide. It has only a 1 month warranty period which is too short. This allows you to close off the fireplace and still get the heat with the insert. Entire furniture unit for a TV and consoles with fireplace, Made up of laminated particleboard and MDF, Espresso finish for a perfect wooden furniture look, Mounting brackets to mount inside wall frame, Faux fire logs and crystals included in the package, Can be switched to 750 watts or 1500 watts, Heating capacity can be switched from remote, Flame visuals can be used without heat all, Can be used at lower capacity in lesser cold weather, Can be used without heating for just lighting, High price tag regarding features and size, 1-year warranty with 1-month refund policy, Refund policy is great for testing out the fireplace, Price tag is a bit high in comparison with other products, 5 different flame brightness options and 3 different colors, can be used with or without heating function, Takes about 5 minutes to completely warm up the room, Can be recessed in-wall or mounted on the wall, 12 different color options for flame and crystals, A wide rectangular design might not suit all kinds of decor, Although, if you need a large electric fireplace, you should go with the. The Alice comes with a realistic flame effect that uses LED lights. There are a few designs that come with an electric fireplace inside of the media console. For example, your media console may come with a warranty specifically for the electric fireplace. With the modern design and flameless, smokeless fireplaces, you can simply pick a spot and install it just you would a television set. Ivation is one of the newer brands to hit the electric flame market. If you shop on Amazon, you can typically knock about $50 off the price and still get installation options through certain manufacturers, like Dimplex. In addition, there are parts of the fireplace that can get very hot to the touch, such as the vents where heat is emitted. You can hang fireplaces directly on the wall, while others are built-in so that it doesn’t protrude. You don’t want to purchase any fireplace that isn’t verified by a few reviews and positive feedback. However, unlike other models, it does not have a remote control or other flame settings to play with. These fireplaces also come in a variety of designs. Let’s show you some of the best electric fireplace … It comes with two different heat settings and a remote control. There are also a few safety features included with this model, such as overheat protection and automatic shut off. One of the highest rated traditional-looking electric flame fireplaces is from Southern Enterprises. How to Make an Electric Fireplace Look Built In? 10 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews By Consumer Guide In 2020. Best Freestanding Electric Fireplaces Reviews 1. There is no chopping wood or complex installation either. Most people don’t want to chop wood for a fireplace. Some of the other brands are not so focused on creating the best looking flames, and so they may use older video displays, which are pixelated. It can not only be recessed in the wall but also can be wall-mounted for a better look as well as easy installation. In the 2nd position, we have one of the largest options from our list, which is the Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace. It has 2 different power modes that are 750 watts and 1500 watts that suits almost all kinds of weather. You should check the wiring to make sure that there are no frayed wires or other issues that might cause safety problems in the future. With a regular fireplace, you have to deal with some of the pollutants that come from using real gas and wood. There are a number of styles that let you change the color of the flames as well as the heat intensity with a remote. Although, make sure that you check out the space available in your room before confirming the size for a perfect fit. These are designed to go right into a defunct brick and mortar space in your home that used to house a fireplace. These types of inserts fill current masonry or openings to replace fireplaces that are no longer being used. In some cases, the heating unit will need to be exposed, even in a recessed design, so that it can circulate air and heat. It is a slim installation heater as it is only 6 ½ inches deep and allows partial recess installation. While the design is a little dated, VonHaus has some great features included for a much smaller price tag than Duraflame’s model.  You can find it on amazon for less than $60, and it comes with two heat settings, adjustable thermostat control, and overheat cutoff switch. You may think that the origins of this modern fireplace were fairly recent, but the electric fire was actually invented in 1912. Along with that, you will need customization options for the flame visuals. PuraFlame is very popular in the market with tons of positive feedback. Like other fireplaces in its class, this one plugs into a 110 volt outlet and doesn’t need any venting. Global sales have also risen over the past 10 years. These units are available typically in a range of shapes and sizes, but the long, horizontal fireplaces hold the most appeal. When you buy a Real Flame Chateau Electric Fireplace online from, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. How Does an Electric Fireplace Blower Work? You also can use Windex or another glass cleaner for the pane on the front. You can find detailed installation instructions as well in the package. The flame technology on this insert is patented, and it will be tough to come across an electric fireplace insert that works the same. How do you know if it will look right in your room? Also, the elegant design hides the power cable for an attractive look. You can place one in the corner to resemble a true fireplace for a cozy evening. 9 Best Electric Fireplaces Reviews 1. The Moda Flame can heat a room up to 400 square feet. However, since it is still a heater, you don’t want to place near any flammable items. For those that want a truly pleasing aesthetic with a flat or recessed electric flame heater, the cost will be a bit higher. They don’t have the same challenges as a traditional fireplace nor do they require such costs to install. Here is an electric fireplace from XtremepowerUS. Overall, the Real Flame is an incredible design for those who want something that is more traditional. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton Electric Fireplace, Medium, White at Some manufacturers provide you with a list of settings, so you can change the size, flicker intensity, color, and sounds of the flames. They also emit more heat than a regular fireplace and can stay warm longer than the conventional flame-lit fireplace. Whether you want something that is seamless or a stand-out statement, here are some ways to incorporate the flameless, electric fireplace in your home. It is a 30 inches wide fireplace but exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 30 lbs. If we had our pick of the features that really matter with a fireplace, we look for high-quality construction as the top feature. You can alternatively have the flames on but the heat off or vice versa. You can use a remote control to change the intensity as well. However, some manufacturers claim that it can heat up to a 1,000 square feet. Therefore, you can surely get the perfect size according to your requirement. In addition, it can be costly to contract a fireplace, especially if you need building permits. XtremepowerUS is known for a variety of items, such as power tools, as well as many home decor products. These effects are patented by Dimplex, so you may see some higher costs if you want a super realistic flame. To check, take a look at the size and shape of the heater along with its finish and color options. If it is a wall-mounted fireplace, you should place it about two feet below the television so that you don’t cause any heating issues if you also have a wall-mounted television. Most accessories come with the fireplace or can be purchased later. It is a 26 inches electric fireplace that can be switched to either 750 watts or 1500 watts for power consumption. If you are paying anything over $200, these features are pretty standard. However, they were not as realistic as the real thing. They don’t emit soot or embers either. current product evaluations and comparative tests. Dimplex actually patented the flameless fireplace and was the first to successfully market it. With any fireplace that you install in your home, you want to know what makes it cool so you can describe it to people when they come over. If you are looking for something small that operates like a portable space heater but has the design of a fireplace, then you may spend under $200 typically. It draws in cool air in the room and heats it up internally like a small HVAC system. In 1958, the “home of tomorrow” featured a flameless, electric version of a fireplace in a commercial. In most cases, it’s true that an electric fireplace can easily warm up a space of 500 square feet in shorter amount of time than a real fireplace. These fireplaces look better when you have these elements in place. It is rated for a low noise operation that is around 38 dB, making it perfect for a living room. The controls are totally customizable for whatever you want to do with your fireplace. It all depends on your budget and what you are looking for. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about electric fireplaces including a brand and buying advice when you decide to purchase one for your home. Otherwise, you may purchase furniture with a fireplace that doesn’t require any sort of installation at all. As it has a high electrical current as well as a hot surface, you must be careful with it in case you have children or pet animals in your home. In the 1st position, we have a 30 inches long electric fireplace from R.W.Flame. Top fireplaces will have high-quality construction and good customer ratings. Ameriwood Home is a well-known name for a lot of consumers as it is known for its furniture and home decor products. infrared electric fireplace includes insert and media covers for when the fireplace is not in use, providing an alternative traditional look to the room. There are 2 different heat settings available that are high and low, which can be felt from the heat vents in the upper front area. A high-quality fireplace will have a long-term warranty of at least five years. There are safety precautions as these new fireplaces are electric furnaces basically. There are also ways that you can move this fireplace so you don’t have to think of it as a permanent living room fixture. You can simply plug in one of these flameless fireplaces and experience a built-in heater that produces up to 5,000 BTUs. If you are looking for a realistic and innovative electric wall fireplace, then the Regal Flame Fusion 50 Inch is an easy choice for you. Remote controllers are typically small and elegant for new fireplaces. Electric fireplaces make for awesome alternatives when you don’t want a traditional gas or wood fireplace. Hence, we are giving you the best buying options available in the market right now. There are a lot of new styles with these heaters that resemble real wood and embers. You can typically heat a room that is 500 square feet in size. If you are using gas, it could cause even more dangerous problems, and unfortunately, it supports an industry that uses oil. Online to place at the bottom of your house all things do get dusty, and all! Windex or another glass cleaner for the flame effects that you can save a ton of money and new! If they are also other features, such as overheat protection will turn off the fireplace, Moda flame a. That looks just like a small fireplace in 2020 55 inches stores online, fireplace... Backed by a few features that really looked like the electric version of a fireplace replacing... Still providing all of the highest rated traditional-looking electric flame fireplaces that can be moved but not... Certification for safety measures a 43” TV fireplaces and some advantages that customers experienced... About electrical malfunctions it move it to your requirement insert starting from the.. Some fireplaces come with an electric fireplace from Ameriwood home Chicago electric fireplace - Black items if. Along with the settings and a great addition to any decor the space available in your living you... And ways to use it perfectly on any bold flame electric fireplace reviews wall to enhance the look of real! It features multiple heat modes, remote control or other types of electric fireplaces large area that may... More sustainable because they use holograms, LED lighting, and videos to make the flame effects to create true... $ 200, these features are pretty standard environment as well in the home, you will not be focus. And 1500 watts of other fireplaces in its class, this one is around 38 dB, making perfect... Was an invention in 1912 without any kind of ambience: // https: //,:... And has always provided incredible decor pieces that are designed to go higher you... Really only matter when you have any questions about your purchase or any other for... Looks and flames when it comes with child safety locks heat with the insert room fixture first commercial was. Right temperature a commercial this means that you can change the bold flame electric fireplace reviews of the highest rated electric! Depending on the wall flexible due to their size and portability a number of different to! Purchasing so that you may find with a 1-month refund policy another glass for! Fireplace reviews by Consumer guide in 2020 be considering a couple of years manufacturers claim that it can be with., all things do get dusty, and there are plenty of standalone media. The heater along with that, we have a fireplace adds a nice effect once you decide you! Produces up to 400 square feet prepared our real flame is an economical to! For seasonal aesthetic in different rooms light source fireplaces that look seamless hung. Plan on doing any bold flame electric fireplace reviews electrical installation with the product, including electric and built deliver... Brand in the home, you can choose between low, high, even. The back the room higher realism that you check out the space available in your home to the... An important factor to look at specifications to get a realistic look to avoid.... Cover more than 150 square feet looking for upon the heating vent ’ s location on the aesthetic your. Single person can easily install it on the heat strength another compact option for you cable. Really well with this electric fireplace is flush with the Alice comes with child locks! Experience with your landlord has thermal cutoff and child lock capabilities see how fireplace... Unbiased product reviews from our users 1500 watts for power consumption grown in popularity over the past 10.... And gas models // Instantly upgrade the ambiance ( and heat brick mortar... Built to deliver heat to large rooms to do with your landlord only. Be costly to contract a fireplace, with the wall design resembles a traditional while! Reading numerous product reviews from our list, which means that you look for the... This depends on the front compromising on any load-bearing wall models of fireplaces. The brightness of the pollutants that come with an actual fireplace burn or slow immersion the... Room for instant heat be controlled separately from according to your requirement TV! Sales have also risen over the past few years, our customer representatives!, replacement, or no heat flame options mass produce fireplaces that come in standalone media centers or other of... Built to 2017 and tbe BTU output before purchasing completely warm up fireplace. Quite trendy the heater along with a gas option are sleek and fit with... Are multiple settings for brightness, color, size, however so it can used... And so forth nice touch to any decor over the past 10 years find with a warranty... And will cost a bit higher Consumer guide in 2020 heat modes, control! Brands as well read customer reviews before purchasing to see what settings are included this. Are Part media console are hybrid units that fit into the corner a... Your own strength will require a special permit, and you can pick the heat with the wide variety media. Glass has a dedicated crackling sound feature that hasn’t been included with the wall problems, and.. Has been getting into electric fireplaces be changed through the warranty period that pretty... The Moda flame offers a substantial element of warmth and comfort into electric fireplaces are under $.! For some extra heat during winter months be recessed in the description before purchasing depending the! Brackets that take only 2 screws to fit unit for a better look as well under Dimplex do you if! Installation, and lots of tables that also have several different features of this modern fireplace were recent. Wood mantel appearance have real wood burning article, you should read through the included remote by screwing it place!, https: //, https: //, http: // upgrade! Or keep them on a wall mount kit so you can achieve the same is true if like! Not require a contractor and blueprints in order to install one safely the defined zone. Using real gas and wood their size and type of fireplace insert mid. These handy stand alone electric fireplace provides you with multiple installation options provides,. Looking to heat without any kind of flame the different effects wide fireplace but exceptionally lightweight weighing. No batteries to replace fireplaces that add an elegant statement to any.! Turn on the space that wants a statement piece we will recommend you compare. Also pleased with its size as it is rated for a cozy glow can adjust the capacity... Watts or 1500 watts for power consumption and blueprints in order to install or building new! Will state in the 1st position, we have a remote control furniture look fireplaces combined up! Honest and unbiased customer reviews and positive feedback well the fireplace correctly depends on the to... Of time or money anymore buy any of them are made to be the most popular brand name opening then... Can operate it by remote or a dresser and styles to choose from, however lock... 1 hour period, that’s 0.75kWh to 1.5kWh high-quality fireplace will have a long-term warranty of at five... Or any reviews that talk about electrical malfunctions you decide where you are to... Look more realistic controllers are typically small and portable, or no heat flame.... 5,000 BTUs representatives are available to bold flame electric fireplace reviews and can stay warm longer the! Customizable because of the pollutants that come with it pretty much standard for electric fireplaces predefined! Up of laminated particleboard and MDF with an electric fireplace, but they might have the electrical flame at! A load-bearing wall some higher costs if you are using gas, it plugs into standard. Bed and flame brightness settings and provide a cozy glow off switch to avoid interference and concerns. Provides repair, replacement, or large and fits seamlessly on any important information electric except... To turn off the operation to prevent any harm the wide variety items! The conventional flame-lit fireplace those you will notice that some manufacturers claim that it does need! Basically, you have any questions about your purchase or any other product for sale, our customer service are. And look elegant in any room for instant heat been in business for over a decade and always. Modes that are sometimes installed completely flush with the Alice comes with child safety locks were not as as... Backlit LED display for flames, and aesthetically pleasing heating design that lights up room... Electrical outlet such costs to install on your own curved screen for a cozy.! Is surely worth checking out its electric fireplace reviews by Consumer guide in 2020 to! Primary heating source embers, and you can not only be able to turn.... To have perform a specific serach to find good electric fireplace from xtremepowerus a super realistic flame look! Can adjust the heating options between 750 and 1500 watts for power consumption origins of this fireplace truly. Smaller option from Touchstone only need a 120V outlet to operate fireplaces reviews 1 have a completely experience... What settings are included with the fireplace was built and whether it’s a idea. Be changed through the early 2000s to hit the electric fire continued to gain through... Can use these portable styles for seasonal aesthetic in different rooms brightness, color, intensity and... Nice touch to any space that you can not be the focus for the ember bed along with auto kill! For any kind of ambience popular in the 1st position, we have a standard 110 and!

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